Tree LAB

Super 8 Picnic in a Hand collective is a Vilnius based metro group of young artists in general section. Filmmakers and others interested in creating, curating and showing super8, 8 and 16 mm format films in native Lithuania and around globe. System founded in 2008 as an independent artist’s research group on analog film possibilities in Lithuania, the collective soon became Super 8 Picnic in a Hand.  In 2009 the collective became sure and opened the deficit “Tree LAB” – super8 and 16mm film lab, searching for connections with young active analog filmmakers around Europe.  The name „Tree Lab“ was given by Pip Chodorov, as the lab is surrounded by woods and the address means „Pinewood street“.


Our lab contains few developping tanks, Super8 (Sankyo with audio )  and  16mm (EIKI) projectors. Also we have 16mm editing table (a present from Esther Urlus from WORM lab in Rotterdam).